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Hunter Radio:
The Australian Digital Radio Network:, tune in around the clock for hard hitting and incisive commentary on what is making news around Australia today. Australians are surrounded by a wide range of news services; have you ever noticed  that they all pretty much say the same thing? Or worse, its clear after listening for five minutes that the station is pushing a poorly concealed agenda? Talk News is Australia’s only national independent news commentary team presenting balanced information. We have no in-built prejudice towards any of the major political parties, because like most Australian’s we believe their is usually very little good to say about any politician! Our editorial policy is simple: present a balanced and fair view.
Overseas Brands:

Regional FM: NSW Southern Tablelands, South West Slopes, Riverina, Newcastle. VIC Northeast District, North Central District, Northern Country District and Mallee District.

Tamworth Country Radio AM FM Network: New England Northern Tablelands, North West Slopes and the Hunter listen to the Tamworth Country Radio Network for Australia’s rising country stars.
Hard Style hardstyle FM is Sydney's 24/7 hardstyle station playing all the artists from the scene you love.
Warehouse FM Sydney is all loved up on the Warehouse House sounds of the late eighties and early nineties. Bringing back the parties and the love of the underground we all remember well.